Knowledge Base

Codemachine is developing software based on customers needs, working either on major platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS X) as well as on custom and mobile devices (incorporating DSP, microprocessors or microcontrollers).

We are also able to take in charge software and firmware developed by customers or third parties, restructuring and optimizing the code and ensuring the long-term maintenance and support. We integrate software solutions within the onsite production environment, taking advantage of the existing products and technologies, both commercial and open source, in order to minimize time and costs.

With a long experience in different fields of application, we are able to create software in many languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, ActionScript3, Matlab, Assembly (and many others), according with the project specifications.

Moreover we can provide consulting service to help the customer identifying hardware and third-party software fitting the immediate or the mid-term production needs, helping to balance the cost of the solution while keeping open the possibility of future evolutions and extensions.

Software Development

Statistical analysis, diagnostic systems, optimization
Codemachine have specific expertise in the field of statistical analysis, diagnostics and optimization, particularly in the automation of analysis typically performed by humans through the use of traditional technologies of artificial intelligence (neural networks, genetic algorithms, logic fuzzy). Some of these skills have been acquired during the engineering of projects managed dall'Artificial Intelligence and Robotics LABoratory (AIRLAB) of the Polytechnic of Milan, with whom we collaborate since 2007.
C/C++ Development

Codemachine is providing C++ product development services for technology companies and enterprises, from over 10 years. We are developing OS-native feature-rich software products for Linux, MacOS, Windows, including utilities, tools, gadgets and widgets, as well as office, communication and multimedia apps.

C++ allows the development of high performance applications, Codemachine software engineering team creates object-oriented C++ software that is highly efficient both in time, infrastructure capacity and investments. By leveraging proven best practices and proprietary know-how Codemachine is ensuring ultimate performance, strong reliability and maintainability of the delivered solutions.

Video and audio analysis
Over the years, thanks to the synergy of long standing with the Image and Sound Processing Group (ISPG) of Politecnico di Milano, Codemachine have gained particular experience in delivering leading-edge projects in the analysis of audio and video. Codemachine is also developing recognition systems, tracking, and automatic extraction of information from signals recorded or captured in real time, and we are enabled to support the implementation of research projects in these areas.
Smartphones Applications

Evolving his experience with the embedded devices, Codemachine has successfully used his knowledge with the dedicated OS to develop custom applications for the latest generation of smartphones.

Codemachine is developing custom applications following the customer specifications for both Android and Apple iOS operative systems. We are offering to companies that want to add to their offer basket a smartphone app, the professional consulting to define, starting from the customer need, the app technical specifications as well as, the resources needed for developing the actual application.

Moreover, Codemachine is able to cover the entire development cycle ending with the support for publishing the app on the dedicated store (i.e Google Play , Apple Store).

Multimedia and Virtual Reality applications

Codemachine is developing solutions for: Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), augmented reality systems, interactive audio-video for museum exhibitions or trade fairs and sets and videogames.

Our in depth knowledge of 2D and 3D graphics computation, audio and video analysis and processing and artificial intelligence software developments, allows us to deliver high quality visual effects and audio processing applications

Although it is not his primary mission, Codemachine is also offering audio-video production and postproduction services. In order to follow the customer on the entire project evolution cycle, from the design to the delivery Codemachine will handle your video project from shooting to post production, and study the image of your company logo on printed materials and electronics.

Management and Archiving
Codemachine develop management systems and data storage scalable, covering both the needs of small and medium enterprises following it in its growth, than large enterprises. We build scalable applications from a few users, to large intranet distributed across multiple locations.
Codemachine are integrators of video surveillance systems, biometric facial recognition and statistical profiling.